How to write a fantastic article? 6 easy steps

Title........ Writer Name... Introductory Paragraph... Middle Paragraph... Concluding Paragraph...!

1. What's the Topic? 2. purpose of the article? 3. tone should be employed. 4. word limit.

Choose a Topic-gap problem in the city. Purpose-Highlight the gap problem faced by the citizen. Way of Tone-article topic address grave the problem. Article Word Limit- 125-150 words.

Step 2 Brainstorm (Think) for ideas. Ask Questions in your article

Step 3 Create a highlight outline of your article.

Step 4 Create a catchy title for your content.

Step 5 Always uses transition and phrases for your article.

Step 6 Divide your points into 3 major parts. intro-body-conclusion

Now Your Fantastic article is ready to serve.

Thank You For Watching